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File Uploads with Laravel and Dropzone

File uploads with laravel and dropzone is breeze, thanks to the powerful filesystem that comes bundled with laravel and the drag and drop upload feature provided by dropzone.js. »

Logging Recent Views & Implementing a View Counter in Laravel

Logging recent views by an user can sometimes be tricky. However Laravel provides a flexible way to log the views and also create a counter. »

Implementing an ‘Add to Favourites’ feature in Laravel

Laravel gives us the ability to implement an Add to Favourites feature in a very flexible way. The key lies in defining polymorphic relations. »

Reusing Form Requests in Laravel

Form Requests in Laravel is a very neat way of validating form data. We can keep them clutter free even more by reusing form requests. »

Email Verification with Laravel 5.5

Laravel makes it pretty easier to implement email verification. The default auth scaffolding that comes with Laravel is very flexible and we can easily modify it to include verification functionality. »